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Dream it

Ever had this awesome idea, a new thought that comes up in your mind like a bright star? We have this all the time, in our own way. Try to think of 5 different colors, a new bicycle and a bunch of monkeys at the same time. Can you? Great! Now you’ve experienced what is going on in our heads.

Make it

For the moment, we are a team of two. Just my brother and me. Some projects require a little help from friends, but mostly it ‘ll just be the two of us. >e develop your or our idea using the good stuff. We have experience with PHP, html5, css3, xml, Jquery, Javascript, and soon more. You dream it? We make it.

Test it

Although the monkey-color-bycicle-thing might have set a wrong idea, we're still human. That’s why we always do a wide variety of tests before we launch. Every bug we find, every little wrongly positioned graphic, we just have to fix it. It’s an addiction.

Launch it

In the very end, we launch the idea. Of course this doesn’t mean our work is done. We’ll be there for all the troubles, corrections and other stuff we or you worry about. Just let us know, and we’ll fix it.

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