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Login Disabled


Don't be afraid! If you receive a message of a disabled login, it's not your fault. It's just because we are implementing major changes for you, and don't want to be disturbed.

New tribe view


The tribeview has been updated! Go to the forum! Invite friends and try to take over the wooooorld! Search for this logo:

Play with friends!


Want to make sure our buddy is in the same tribe? You can, now with the tribe-invite (see your tribe-view) Make it happen!

New forum in town!


The new forum is there, go check it out, its in the tribe tab! You know i can make this stuff longer , but im wondering what it's gonna do!

New Forum coming...


New forum is coming! Watch out.
Our leader Koen is working really hard to make this new forum ;)

Hover time!


We've added the hover functionallity for all countries!

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